When I Grow Up...

by Steve Pineo

Recorded with a generous grant from the Rawlco Radio people, “When I Grow Up” is my “folk” album. The deal was that ten different Alberta artists would get $10,000 to record an album of songs in the manner that they saw fit. The idea was to fulfil the CRTC mandate of spending $100,000 on music community development. Many radio stations would sponsor “Battle of the Bands” contests and award the winner with cash and recording time, but I think this was a much better way of developing the music scene. There a lot of artists, emerging and established, that could use a leg up. I know if money was no object, I would be recording a lot more!

So I put together a collection of songs that were fan faves, and a bit more autobiographical (particularly the title song!) There was a song about Billy Cowsill (Goodbye Old Friend), some Klezmer sounding stuff (Has Anybody Got a Light), some calypso (In the Dominion of Mr. Klein) and a little slack key (Mahalo and Aloha). Amos Garrett played on a few tracks. I was in his acoustic trio at the time, filling in for the great David Wilkie.

I recorded the bed tracks at Sundae Sound Studio with Dave Alcock and the did the dubs and mixing in Tim Leacock’s garage with Miles Wilkinson, who had recorded the Co- Dependents. The cover art was by my nephew Lucas, who was about 5 at the time.

Recorded at Sundae Sound by (Little) Dave Alcock and at Tim’s garage by Miles Wilkinson Produced by Steve Pineo
Mixed by Miles Wilkinson
Mastered by Miles Wilkinson

horn, string and vocal arrangements by Steve Pineo Artwork by Lucas Wildman
Graphic Design by Station Studios Inc. Photography by the North Hill Mall photo booth Director of Photography-Mary Maskey

Executive producer- Rawlco RadioFeaturing-

Steve Pineo-vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass

Kit Johnson-bass, back up vocals

Amos Garrett-guitar on “When I Grow Up” and “He Didn’t Quite Make It”

Ross Watson-drums

Dave Reid-trombone and euphonium

Jonathan Lewis-violin

Frank Rackow-clarinet, soprano saxophone

Tim Leacock-bass and back up vocals

Jenny Allen-vocals