Canadian Man plays with Humour

“Canadian Man” is both a comedy song and a novelty song, but not in the same way as “My Bologna” by Weird Al Yankovic. I loved the way that John Prine could crack you up with “Illegal Smile” and then break your heart with “Hello in There”. Kinky Friedman could make you laugh uncomfortably with “Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in the Bed” and bring you right back down with “Sold American”. Bob Dylan recorded “It’s Alright, I’m Only Bleeding” and “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream”(where he stared the song by cracking up) on the same slab of wax. Dylan, for all his darkness, is one of the funniest songwriters I’ve ever heard. Barenaked Ladies have made a career of balancing silliness with pathos.

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