“Syd” 1988 Fender J.A.V. Blue Flower Reissue Telecaster

“Syd” 1988 Fender J.A.V. Blue Flower Reissue Telecaster.png

Every self-respecting guitar nerd becomes enamoured with the Fender Telecaster at some point in their lives. It’s a wild and crude beast, but capable haunting beauty. The sound of the bridge pickup is totally distinct( think of the Monkees’ Last Train to Clarksville). Apparently that has something to do with the ashtray like bridge plate that the pick up is nestled in, this according to Jerry Donahue of The Hellacasters/Fender Guitars. Most of the guitar greats have a modified form of a Tele called a “Frankentele”, with re-wiring, added pickups and Bigsby vibrato. Mine was right out of the box. I was a huge Sad Barrett and Pink Floyd fan growing up, and Syd’s guitar of choice was a Telecaster, usually in Pink Paisley or alternatively, Blue Flower finish. Fender used Mac Tac cupboard liners and lacquered over them. Note the clear pickguard. If you look really close, you can still see some congealed blood from a gig I did in my 20’s when I was really shredding and didn’t notice I was bleeding. (Those were the days)