“Gretchen”-2016 Gretch Electromatic 5420 in Aspen Green with TV Jones pickups retro-fitted

After many years of referring to my Harmony Rocket as a “poor man’s Gretch”, I finally broke down and bought a real poor man’s Gretch. I just went to Long and Mc Quade, told them the model and colour I desired and a few weeks later, there she was. Played like a dream right out of the box. I had them replace all the volume and tone pots, which weren’t up to snuff and I had my perfect guitar. Everyone says if you replace the cheap pickups with TV Jones Filtertron type pickups, there is really no difference between the $1000 Electromatics and the $3000 Country Gentleman. To be honest, I liked the cheap ones just as much. For such a deep hollow body guitar, you can really control the feedback on this baby. You can actually play melodies with it! Gretches are one of the few guitars that sound as beautiful as they look.