Q: Why so many styles?

A: I’ve always been that way. I grew up on 60’s and 70’s rock but soon discovered Elvis and 50’s music, which led to blues which led to country and jazz. I remember as a kid when I envisioned what I wanted to be, i wanted to sing like Elvis, write like Bob Dylan and play like B.B. King.

Q: Why all the guitars?

A : Often on Blue Mondays I pack 5 electric guitars, and acoustic or two and a mandolin. It makes for a bit of extra work but it’s worth it. I use two electrics in standard tuning, usually a solid body and a hollow body. Hollow bodies are more suited to jazz and blues while solid bodies favour rock and country. I also play in open G and open D tunings a lot. It makes for a smoother show if I have guitars that are always in these tunings (which I mostly play slide guitar in). Sometimes I have a 12 string guitar in open C tuning for Hawaiian “slack key” style. And finally, in case we get the urge to go acoustic, which is a nice way to start the evening, I’m set up for that too

Q: Is your last name Spanish? Italian?

A: My last name is derived from a French name “Pineau” My ancestors were French Huguenots who escaped persecution and fled first to England then to New England and Canada and took over land stolen from the also persecuted Acadians. Sorry about that.

Q: You do a few tributes. What’s up with that?

A: We’ve done tributes on and off for many years. Our first Bob Dylan tribute was put together by myself and Laurie Bardsley in the mid 90’s at Kaos. We have been doing it for the last 6 years at Ironwood on his birthday and somehow we never run out of cool songs. All Neil All Night is our tribute to Neil Young which like many others started at the now defunct Merlot night club. This one was Kit Johnson’s baby as he sounds impeccably like Neil Young when he sings. I did a one off Neil Diamond tribute at Merlot for a joke. Please don’t ask me to do it again! We do “The Hankover” on New Years Day. That was started by Tom Phillips and Kit to promote a tribute CD called Sorrow Bound and fell appropriately on the day Hank Williams died (and also when a lot of people are hung over). My favourite tribute (speaking of morbidity) is “Dead Elvis Day” which falls on or around the day Elvis died (August 16, 1977). This came about when I was offered my choice of dates at Carlson’s on MacLeod in High River. We now do two tribute concerts a year to celebrate Elvis’s birth and mourn his passing (sort of). This show features the Heebee Jeebees doing a spot on Jordanairres, and the infamous Movie Medley. And finally, we do a Christmas show every year which started as an “I Hate Christmas” concert. You know, Christmas in prison, the drunk tank. Tim Williams even wrote “ I Got Everything For Christmas but a Cure For the Blues” for this show, which is the only Christmas song I know of that contains the word “mother****er”. We love our tribute shows and so does our audience but I think we have enough for now.

Q: Are your guitar faces real or are you just trying to be funny?

A: Guitar faces are something that’s totally put on. Guitar players probably spend more time in front of a mirror practicing them than they ever do practicing their instrument. There, now you know.