The Three Canaries (circa 2004)

In the 90’s I had a side project singing jazz with my friend Laura Jackson(Moore). She has a lovely voice and we trade songs and sing duets at places like Cannery Row and Mona’s Kitchen. Jane Hawley came down to see us one night. She said that she’d always wanted to sing jazz standards but they didn’t fit with her repertoire of mostly originals and alt country. An a idea for a show was sparked, but we needed one more singer (The Two Tenors?PLEASE!). Dani Moon became the third singer in the show. She is the daughter of drummer Thom Moon, and a formidable and at the time undiscovered talent. I sang a couple but handed things to the ladies form the most part. Jane sang “Over the Rainbow” and “I Only Have Eyes For You”, Dani tore it up on the torch songs and Laura was her usual ebullient self. It’s been a few years but maybe a reunion is in order.

Marc Anderson