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Christmas Album

by Steve Pineo

They say the best Christmas presents are hand-made. The album art on this recording certainly fits the bill! That’s a photo of me when I was about five years old with my two sisters (Kathryn on the drums, and Heather in diapers. The guitar was strictly a prop; I didn’t start playing guitar until I was ten and didn’t get my first electric until I was twelve.) The back cover was wrapping paper and Letraset letters.

This is the 2nd recording of my versions of popular Christmas songs. The first was conceived as a Christmas present for my wife Mary. Was planning to record it in one afternoon. That wasn’t exactly what happened. Long story short, I ended up spending way more than my Christmas budget and hand printed about 100 copies to be meted out to friends and family. Soon, other friends and fans were clamouring for their own copy, so a few years later, I went in to Airwaves Studio and made myself a commercial version of the recording, with a few more personal tunes omitted. Incidentally, the first Christmas Album was the inspiration behind “A Perfectly Good Friendship” in terms of direction and the degree of artistic control I was awarded.

The Christmas Show itself was originally called “Steve Pineo With Horns-Christmas Edition”. After releasing “A Perfectly Good Friendship” I was determined to learn to write my own charts. I took a crash course in musical notation and learned how to use a computer at the same time. Steve Pineo With Horns concerts were a way to present the music from “A Perfectly Good Friendship” in its true form. I also wrote horn arrangements for many of my other songs. Doing a Christmas show was the next logical step. We’ve been doing them ever since-5 sold out shows at Ironwood Stage and Grill every 2nd week of December.

Recorded at Airwaves Studios by Danny Patton

Produced and arranged by Steve Pineo

Mastered by Richard Harrow for audio

Cover art by Steve Pineo and Mary Maskey

Cover photo by my mom


Steve Pineo-vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin

Tyler Hornby-drums

Allistair Elliott-trumpet

John Roggensack-tenor saxophone

Laura Jackson Moore-vocals

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