Blue Monday Trio Volume One: Hardwired For the Blues

by Steve Pineo

It took about two years to put together but I’m very excited about it. We’ve been playing Blue Mondays since spring 2008 and I have written a ton of new songs as well as pulling some old ones off the shelf, sometimes after twenty years! So we decided to put out a live CD which was recorded over the space of four nights. I didn’t quite get the results I was hoping for, mostly because I froze up when the “record” light was on. It’s funny, We recorded the Co-Dependents Live Recording event over the course of three nights and got two CDs worth of top notch stuff, The difference was all my solos with the Co-Dependents were worked out ahead of time and we always did them more or less the same way. Recording a live blues CD is a different animal, much more spontaneous. I tip my hat to those who can pull it off, especially in a three piece band. Anyways, we still got some great stuff and one of the highlights of the new CD is alive track called “Uneasy Rider” For the rest of it, we went into Airwaves Studio and recorded as close to live off the floor as we could. I recorded a rhythm part with the bass and drums and then overdubbed the lead vocal and lead guitar in the same pass to get the “live feel”. This is my first CD which prominently features me guitar, has no guest musicians and is pretty much blues from beginning to end.

Halfway through the recording process I realized I had too many songs to put on one CD while maintaining the stylistic cohesiveness I was aiming for. That’s why I call this CD “Steve Pineo’s Blue Monday Trio Volume One-Hardwired for the Blues. Volume Two-The Dog and Pony Show will feature my forays into surf guitar, New Orleans R&B, swing and political commentary. In other words, it will be a typical Steve Pineo CD. Hopefully, if you’ve got both volumes, you’ll have a true idea of whqt goes on on those often magical Monday nights.

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