The Huron Carole

The Huron Carole.png

I had the great fortune of working with Tom Jackson as a member of the cast of the Huron Carole and then as part of his band. It was a Christmas time fund raiser for the Inter-Faith Food Bank. The first year I was one of the performers, but the next year, we did the tour of Western Canada. Tom impressed me in that his songs and singing style were deceptively simple, yet I had never been in a band so well rehearsed. The highlight of the tour was in Winnipeg, after the final show. Tom, Graham Greene and I were singing George Jones songs at 3 a.m. I barely made it on the plane a few hours later.

The Huron Carole was my calling card to become an annual performer in the Diamond Valley Christmas Concert at Oilfields High School in Black Diamond. I had been driving down to the Sunday jams at Kickers in Turner Valley with Mark Sadlier Brown. It was a great jam session with the late Melvin Wilson, Suitcase James, Rob Hollis, Nathan Tinkham, Myron Schott, Terry Anderson, Lance Loree and Amos Garrett all making frequent appearances. All these guys lived in the vicinity of “Diamond Valley” and were a big part of the annual Christmas Show, which we all did for free.

On another note, Mark, Suicase, Lance and Terry formed the Legendary Alien Rebels, of whom I was to briefly become a member when Lance dropped out to join Junior Gone Wild.