Sparky's Poster

Sparkys Poster.png

Here’s an old poster from a simple time before computer graphics. This was from the time when I always wore a big cowboy hat, even though I had plenty of hair. I had that Gibson Les Paul Gold Top for a short time. The B.B.Q. Boys was somewhere down the line of a succession of name changes. First we were Steve Pineo and the Groovemakers, then the Groove, then the Instigators, The Pillars of Virtue and the B.B.Q. Boys. I can’t remember what Bill Dowey was doing with us. We were friends but always had our own bands.

Sparky’s (now the home of Twisted Element”) was a huge part of my life in the early 90’s. It was where I first saw Sarah McLachlan (with Mae Moore), Barenaked Ladies (fantastic guys!), The Beat Farmers, The Tragically Hip and many other bands. The most bizarre opening act I’ve ever done was at Sparky’s opening for The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. I played there quite often and could skip the lineups and cover charge, which I abused severely! Sparky’s beget Kaos which beget Karma which beget Ironwood (more or less).