Paying blues dues


This was the first article written about us by music promoter, journalist and radio host Peter North. Peter was writing for the Edmonton Journal at the time, and it was a privilege to be the subject of one of his articles, because more than any other writer I had dealt with, he put music first. I remember that three week stretch. The Cromdale Hotel (or the Crimedale, as it was affectionately referred to) was the first stop when you were released from the nearby penitentiary. Every night ended in a bloodbath and the band room was beyond filthy, with an indescribable stench. Blue on Whyte was a much better time but I think this was the road trip that ended with Donald Ray Johnson and John Gray getting in a fist fight at a gas station in Red Deer. We packed the stuff out of John’s van and then George Taylor came and picked us up. Ironically, Donald Ray and John are now playing together doing a tribute to Ray Charles!