Kensington's Delicafé


Located on Kensington Road and now the home of yet another Nellie’s breakfast joint, the Kensington Deli Cafe was my home base for my early acoustic act. It was where I met Tom Phillips (who was apparently a “contemporary” music act at the time), Mark Sadlier Brown (who was a long haired jug band music act), Anne Loree (actually, I already knew her from Marty’s Cafe which is now Cilantro Restaurant on 17th ave. S.W.), James Keelaghan, Oscar Lopez, John Campbell, Good MacCullough and a host of others. If I recall correctly, “Larry and Curly” was Karl Roth’s old band. Harvey Cohen and Linda Kitchen also owned a place in the Devenish Design Centre called Rooster’s Pub where I found employment. I watched the Flames win the Stanley Cup at Rooster’s.


One night I pulled up to the Deli Cafe followed closely by a police car. They spent about 15 minutes booking me for a number of driving violations while the customers watched through the big bay windows. I made quite an entrance that night!