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He does it his way

This was my first feature article in a major newspaper. I was 24 years old, but I felt like I had been in the business forever. I had been playing guitar since I was ten, played in high school bands, garage bands, at jam sessions and campfires, and had already amassed a huge music collection. The only thing I thought about and read about was music. I had been playing in Calgary and on the road for three years and thought I was ready to hit the big time! The interview seemed to go well but when the article was published, it was a bit of a shock. What I thought was a few remarks trying to distinguish my style from Jeff Healy’s and Colin James ( and George Thorogood) seemed to make up the bulk of the article. I felt like I had been blind-sided and was a lot more guarded in later interviews. Still you’ve got to dig the hair! 

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Sparky's Poster

Here’s an old poster from a simple time before computer graphics. This was from the time when I always wore a big cowboy hat, even though I had plenty of hair. I had that Gibson Les Paul Gold Top for a short time. The B.B.Q. Boys was somewhere down the line of a succession of name changes. First we were Steve Pineo and the Groovemakers, then the Groove, then the Instigators, The Pillars of Virtue and the B.B.Q. Boys. I can’t remember what Bill Dowey was doing with us. We were friends but always had our own bands.

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