Blues in the City

Blues in the City.png

John Rutherford used to have a fantastic radio program called the “Blues Experiment”, and he also had column called “Blues in the City”. He also worked at Collector’s Axe and tried to talk me out of trading my beautiful Gibson 125c for an ungainly Mosrite. (My friends were into the Ramones and I thought I had to keep pace…ah youth!) Anyways, he’s writing about the same weekend at Sparky’s with B.B.Q. Boys with the poster with my head on a skewer. I used to sit in with The Sons of Blues, Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson, Eddie Clearwater, Matt “Guitar” Murphy and occasionally Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown. Usually, it was the standard etiquette to invite players up at the end of the third set. The King Eddie had bands from Tuesday through Saturday. I would usually be there every night of the week, if I dug the band. I was also playing with a smooth talking drummer named Andy Louisy who broke the ice for me more than once, but I like to think that I was invited to play on my own merit! incidently, this article was the first and last time I’ve ever been referred to as Steve “Slim” Pineo!