A New Sound...

A New Sound.png

As David St. Hubbins famously said, “I hope you like our new direction!” Backed by a decidedly jazz-fusion rhythm section, and influenced by the roots rock bands I was digging at Sparky’s and other places, our sound was changing. This was nicely summarized in an article for the S.A.I.T. newspaper, “The Chinook Arch”. Soon, I would break up the band. Ben went to Cambridge and became a lawyer who plays bass on the side, Rob joined the Grift and moved to Vancouver, Mike formed the Mike Clark band and parlayed his successful Morgan’s Pub Saturday jam (which he had inherited from me) into Mikey’s Juke Joint and now Mikey’s on 12th. Andy has a successful recording studio and is an in demand session drummer. 

I went solo for a bit, played in a few bands while working on my writing. I eventually landed in a fabled band house in the Mission District (331a 22nd ave S.W.) and in a band called Beautiful Joe.