Around the Horn

by Steve Pineo

This was the followup to “A Perfectly Good Friendship” and also the first CD I recorded after ending my partnership with Neil MacGonigill and Indelible Recordings Inc. I created my own label, Stamp Recordings Inc. and arranged the music and produced and financed the recording. I’m particularly proud of our version of of “Misty”. I was writing a lot of tunes in the Tin Pan Alley style, like “It’s As Easy as That” and “Don’t Say I Never Tried” but my writing has subsequently become a little less jazzy. Anyways, this was a pretty good record and still remains many people’s favourite!

Recorded at Airwaves Studios and the Night Deposit by Danny Patton Produced and arranged by Steve Pineo
Mixed by Steve Pineo and Danny Patton
Artwork by Andy Graffiti for ag werke


Steve Pineo-vocals, guitar, mandolin, tambourineThom Moon-drums
Ross Watson-drums on Average Joe
Kit Johnson-bass

Sheldon Zandboer-keyboards
George Blondheim-keyboards
Mike Clark-tenor saxophone
Pat Belliveau-alto and baritone saxophone

Allistair Elliott-trumpet, flugelhorn

Dave Reid-trombone
Laura Jackson-duet vocal
Kit Johnson, Tim Leacock, Dustin Keillor, Laura Jackson-backup vocals