Steve Pineo Trio

Steve PIneo Trio.png

Between the time we formed Beautiful Joe and I put out my first CD, I played as a solo artist, with singer Laura Jackson playing pop jazz, as a guitarist for blues legend Willie MacCalder and with the Steve Pineo Trio. Chris Byrne and Dustin Keillor had played in a heavy metal/hair band called Rainbow Warrior. I met them through bassist Mike Wall. Soon we were all living together like the Monkees. I introduced them to vintage jazz, blues, folk, R&B and the like. They introduced me to the 90’s sound. We partied a lot, but we also practiced like crazy and our three part vocal blend was superb! Chris and Dustin were with me in Toronto when I was showcasing and they did a number of openers, including tour with Jann Arden. Chris is now a member of the Road Hammers and is a noted producer and recording engineer. Dustin did a tour with Lindsay Ell and performs mostly as a solo act on his 7 string guitar.

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