Steve Pineo and Tim Williams at Riverdale Hall, Edmonton

Tim Williams and I have been friends since he moved away from the life of a wrangler in Williams Lake (no relation) to rejoin his musical career, already in progress. In fact, he sat in with a later version of The Groovemakers when he had first moved to town and had yet to put together his own band. Tim did me the honour of recording two of my songs, and I made some cameo appearances on a couple of his CDs. Tim is one of the most ferocious solo acts I know and a very engaging frontman to boot, so I had to be on top of my game for this show. It was a great show! In fact, I had some of my favourite shows in this era in Edmonton, opening for John Hammond at the City Media Club was amazing (as was joining John for dinner at the Malaysian Noodle House on Whyte Avenue and hearing him talk about the blues greats and Tom Waits!) 

Riverdale Hall.png

David Ward put together an amazing tribute to the music of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” At the Bonny Door Hall. That show featured members of Jerusalem Ridge and Maria Dunn, plus a few Calgarians. We used one Telefunken U57 microphone for the whole show! We did one show in Red Deer and then the Bonny Soon Hall before Disney got wind of us and shut it down.

Most of our Edmonton shows of the last 20 years have been at the Full Moon Folk Club (now known as the New Moon Folk Club) and Festival Hall in Sherwood Park.

MiddleMarc Anderson