Guitar Ace plays at Karma Local Arts House

Karma Local Arts House was the best thing that happened in the late 90’s, but it didn’t last too long. Lynne and Soren were extremely respectful to us musicians. I never had to grovel for gigs. Soren would just phone me up and offer me more money! And the place was always full. I played there as a solo act, a trio, a songwriter in the round, with Mike Stack and of course with the Co-Dependents(more about that later). I even wrote them a tribute song to the tune of Anne Murray’s “You Needed Me”. It was called “You Feeded Me” Weird Al Yankovic, eat your heart out! Unfortunately, personal and business pressures caused the original owners to sell. The second owners kept it going reasonably well and then the third owners destroyed it! Then it became a shi shi bar and later burned down. Pretty good promo shot of me though. I miss my flow!

MiddleMarc Anderson